Al Primo Canto
5414 W. Devon Ave
Chicago, IL 60646

Ellen, Steve Z and the Chowpoodle

  George with imported Brazilian grill 


Ellen, Juanna, Sula

Maria and Georges Elbekai Luciana Godoy, pastry chef Jorge

Pineapple Pannacotta 


12.9.07 Al La Cart Menu


Dinner with Ellen, Rita, Bob
Ran into Ron, Lucas and Julie Kaplan with Julie's mother

Rita, Bob,Ellen Reserva Miolo, Pinot Noir 2005. Brazil Jorge

Pasta Polenta Frita Galeto Al Primo Canto (Charcoal roasted chicken)

Beef, Lamb Coconut Flan

Fresh raw lamb w/mint leaf, red onion, salt, pepper and olive oil. Served with warm Lebanese flat pita.

Ron, Lucas, Julie, Julie's mother

George, chef/owner

10.4.08 Ellen, Steve Z, ChowPoodle