Aroy Thai
4654 N. Damen

2.1.11 Lunch w/Alan, Steve

Fried rice with pressed ham

Northern style Larp        Tom Yam Beef Ball and Tender Soup

Chou-Chi Ground Pork

Sai Ual Sausage (Northern style)

2.20.11 w/LTHForum group. Dinner set up by RAB and REB

Thai Fried Chicken

Salty fish w/Chinese broccoli Fermented bamboo with ground pork

Pork Neck (Northern Larp not show)

Pork belly Sai Ual Sausage (Northern style)

Chou-Chi Ground Pork Tom Yam Beef Ball and Tender Soup

Ho Moak (2 versions, ground and whole fish)  Koong Chae Nam Pa (minced raw shrimp w/garlic)