Beer Can Chicken

As John Kass of the Chicago Tribune has been following my Low & Slow: 5 Easy Lessons program, I thought it high time I made a round of John's signature item, Beer Can Chicken.


Start with quality chicken and a simple brine.

   Kosher salt, turbinado sugar, oregano.

I did not have the recommended Cavender's Greek on hand, so made my own simple rub.

Kosher salt, cracked black pepper, garlic/onion powder, paprika, oregano, fresh grated lemon peel and dash of cayenne.

  Kass recommends an inside and out lemon rub-down prior to applying the rub. Drain off 1/3 of beer, poke two small additional top holes and add a heaping teaspoons of rub to beer.

Delicately place chicken, or at least as delicate as one can be under the circumstances, butt down on can of beer, splay legs to form a tripod.

Coals to either side, drip pan in middle.

Tip of the Day - If cooker is running hot mist with hose to lower temp.

Done in approximately one hour, looking damn tasty.

Juicy, moist, very slight tang from beer.

I did differ with Mr. Kass in one small regard, he feels chicken is "too delicate" a meat for wood smoke, I added a couple of small pieces of hickory which I felt enhanced overall flavor.

Will I do it again, absolutely, fun and easy to do and makes for a Show Stopper presentation.

As they say in Las Vegas, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Gary Wiviott