Big Buns and Pita
6649 N Clark
Chicago, IL
Sunday - Fri 10am - 11pm
Saturday 10am - Midnight
Delivery available


Torshi Lentil soup, included with dinners

Hummus and Shawirma  Thin pita

Kubba Mosul (Fried) Kubba Mosul (boiled/steamed)

Lahmim Beajin   Falafel Place (Chickpea, Fava Bean mix)

Big Buns Medames (Fava Beans w/grilled onion, fresh tomato, olive oil and tahini sauce)

Quuzi (braised lamb shank) Kefta Kabob Dinner (beef and lamb)

Louis (L) Maria (R)

Josephine Mike G, Steve Z, d4v3, Jazzfood, Josephine


Ellen, Dave (d4v3)

  Hummus/torshi Fattoush Lentil Soup

Falafel Kubba Mosul  Big Buns Home Style potatoes

Cornish Chicken (hen) 'Stew' for rice 

Tashreeb (buns to soak up sauce)   Kenafa (Sweet cheese/shredded filo)  

Shaba Khamis (owner) Ashur Anna

10.9.08 w/Steve Z