Big Green Egg

Fresh Picnic Pork Shoulder

Turkey Thighs

Corned Beef Smoked


Lamb Breast

Spare Ribs

Muffin Tin Chicken

Ribs 3-2-1 Competition Style


Eiffel Tower Chicken




5.31.09, breakfast


Low Slow for Dolinsky Show


9.18.09 Pizza

Pizza 1, 600 plus on new stone, raw sausage



Pizza 2, lower temp, cooked sausage



Breakfast pizza

Pizza 1


Pizza 2



Appetizer Pizza

Baked w/olive oil, tomato, red onion. Topped with nova lox, crema, olive oil, lemon juice, parsley.


Dessert Pizza

Macerated in red wine, turbinado sugar, k salt, figs, apricots, plums. Ricotta mixed with honey and k salt

Baked with ricotta and fruit, dotted with more honey sweetened ricotta and fruit, topped with mint.

Pizza 9.22.09

Sausage, mushroom, moz. Fresh moz, tomato, basil. Capacola, moz, jalapeno.


9.24.09 Fresh Moz, Bari sausage, thin sliced onion.



Fresh moz, olive, red onion, pepperoni, garlic

Fresh moz, olive, red onion, pepperoni, garlic, sausage

Stupidly tossed the olive oil impregnated paper towel I was using to oil the crust into the fire and closed the lid. Immediately flared and threw up a haze of greasy, oily smoke. Took me a minute to notice, I was turned away from the cooker, enough time to ruin the pizza, in particular the outer crust.


Beets from yesterdays Picnic Shoulder cook. BGE roasted beets, pear, honey, lemon juice, salt, pepper. Toasted walnuts would have been perfect if I had any.

Pear, gorgonzola, honey, fresh rosemary.


tomato, jalapeno, roast picnic, onion, moz.

Beet, gorgonzola, olive, onion, moz, roast picnic.




sausage, mushroom, tomato

Fresh Moz, tomato, basil

8.24.10 e

fresh moz, rapini, sausag sausage, moz, green pepper, mushroom

10.29.10 BB ribs, peach glaze. Used straight brown sugar and added fresh squeezed orange juice to the tangy 7-pepper sauce, also peel from lemon, lime, orange. Raves from all tasters.


- Small baby back ribs marinated in red wine vin, sugar, salt/pepper, mexican peppers, peach juice for 2-days.
- Salty, weirdly tart, little dry. Not all that good.
- Direct just under three hundred on the BGE with the woo3 ring in place.