Big and Little's
939 N. Orleans St.
Chicago, IL 60610
Open 4 months

3.2.10 w/Steve, Alan

Tony "Little" D'Alessandro Gary "Big" Strauss 

Just South of Big and Little's where Kabbabish was.


Mahi taco

Crab Tostada

4.14.10 Foie and Fries, picture by Alan Lake

3.15.11 Lunch with Phil W

Shrimp Po Boy Sweet Potato fries

Fish Fry, huge piece of cod and fries for $12

Tony, Gary 


Baby Octopus taco, daily special Oxtail with chimichurri taco, daily special

Samurai Taco, whitefish with spicy mayo, lettuce and pickled jalapeno

Deep fried grilled cheese

Fish and Chips, fresh cod w/fries ($15)

1.27.12 Lunch with Jared 

Fish and Chips, fresh cod with fries $15

Sashimi grade tuna poke taco $7.50

Soft shell crab taco $7.50

B and G Two Way Grill 1.26.12