10.19.08 Reader Mulefoot Pig Dinner

Mike Sula, Chicago Reader 

Ellen Wiviott Elizabeth G Rob, Kristina

Joel, Terra Ronnie_S Lucas_S

Pork belly, house-cured sardine, local honey, celery, and green apple jam from Jason Hammel and Amalea Tshcilds of Lula Cafe

Head cheese ravioli with whole grain mustard pasta, cavolo nero, pork consomme and lemon oil from Justin Large of Avec

Roasted crepinette with Tuscan kale sauerkraut, plum and pinot noir jam, pickled onions, country bacon and pork jus from Paul Virant of Vie

Braised 'country-style' ham with cippolini onions, matsutake mushrooms, red grapes, and butternut squash-miso from Mike Sheerin of Blackbird

  Porchetta with lobster mushrooms and black mission figs from Brian Huston of Publican


Muenster Gerome with larded brioche, golden raisins, korean pears and grattons from Tim Dahl of Blackbird and Avec