CJ's Eatery
3839 W Grand Ave
Chicago, Il 60651

Ellen, Pigmon, Octarine, Lilly, Sarah, Katie

  CJ (Charles Armstead) CJ, Lilly

Shrimp and grits, Biscuits and gravy in background  

Lilly, a child of the South, putting ~ketchup~ on Shrimp and Grits.

Specials menu  Wings and waffle with pecan maple syrup  Scrambled w/bacon and biscuit

  Omelet Turkey Club Banana Pancakes w/sausage

Banana bread pudding w/peanut butter creme anglaise

Lilly, Katie, Sarah Lilly, Katie, Sarah, Ellen

Ellen Pigmon Octarine

Sula, Juanna, Zoe, Violet, Steve Z, Ronnie S and family, friends of Ronnie S

  Grilled Cheese Zoe w/mac and cheese Wings and Waffle

Biscuits Southwestern Egg Rolls  Sausage Breakfast Casserole

Gumbo (Daily special) Banana pancakes Biscuits and gravy

Meatloaf w/side salad

Violet Lucas Sula, Zoe Ronnie_S, Steve Z

Antoinette CJ