LTHForum Clark-A-Thon
Clark Street 7200 N - 6400 N

Organized by Germuska

Clark-A-Thon kicks off 11am @

Taqueria Chapala: 7117 N Clark St

Clockwise from (L) Al Pastor, Lengua, Cabeza Grilled knob onion, poblano pepper w/lime

Top, carnitas w/rice and beans. Bottom, roast chicken

Qaato African Restaurant: 7118 N Clark St

Pepper Soup, assorted meats (spicy) FuFu, pounded yam.

Egusi stew (soup) w/goat Aya Mase (listed as spicy, but mild in comparison to the pepper soup)

Jollof Rice w/goat

Cuetzala:7360 N Clark St

Home of Tamales Nejos (LTHForum Cuetzala post by dv43)

Outside of Cuetzala

Courtyard, Rogers Park Branch, Chicago Public Library


Wonderful fresh lime and chile spiced fruit from street vendor

 Shrimp empanada from Las Islas Marias: 6635 N Clark St

El Llano Restaurant: 7018 N Clark St

Rabbit (L) Chicken (R) Chicken

  Colombian chorizo

Cuetzala:7360 N Clark St

Tamales Nejos

Dona Lolis: 6924 N Clark St

Huitlacoche Quesadilla

Not quite sure where the following came from

Birria de chiva (Goat)


Bacon + + + + + taco




Just a few spare pics