Miscellaneous Cooking

Polenta, Omaha strip steak, home grown peppers, sage, tomato 9.28.09

Passover 4.8.09


Green Bagel Encrusted Rack of Lamb with Herbs de Provence


Mini Burgers w/caramelized onions and pimento cheese. Grilled with a smidge of apple wood

5.8.09 Recipe from Jason at Ravenswood pub jmdrexler@gmail.com

Banana Wings, fresh andouille, and a lonely chicken breast.

Ripe banana, grated ginger, jalapeno, garlic, lemon juice. 2-stage grill with apple wood. Couscous with green lentils.


- Dirk's for clams, he gave me a frozen container of his clam sauce to compare
- Whole Foods for parsley and shallot

- My version with shallot, garlic sautee, red pepper, crushed roma tomatoes ( I used a can of organic cherry tomatoes with skin still on from whole foods, a little bitter and had to add a half teaspoon of sugar). parsley, white wine, clams. Add angle hair, which Ellen prefers to linguini, to mix, more parsley serve.

- Dirks, scant olive oil, the mostly unfrozen mix, clams, simmer, add to angel hair, more parsley, eat.
- Dirks was a little oily, diffused flavor, chopped clams in the mix a little tough. Mine, even though I used more olive oil, cleaner flavor.
- Ellen preferred mine with no prompting.

Dirk's frozen Clam's sauce

Gary's scratch recipe