Harvey Moy
N89 W16754 Appleton Ave
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53051

Cindy, Amanda, Em

Salt and Pepper shrimp, head and shell on

Peking Duck w/steamed bun. Also slivered scallion and plum sauce

Flounder stir fried w/black beans, ginger, scallions and mussels. Beef w/Chinese broccoli, light sauce

Crisp squid w/Szechwan pepper, 5-spice and salt. Pan fried noodle

Snow Pea Shoots (Dou Miao) stir fried with garlic (Mr. Moy received a shipment during lunch and brought out an order gratis) Litchi

Harvey and Linda Moy Chef  Staff Lunch/veg also brought out veg

  Popular, but we went off menu for our lunch Very reasonable, especially in light of alcohol drinks