KS Seafood Restaurant
2163 China Place
Chicago, IL 60616


5-Spice Tofu Lamp Shadow Beef

Fried Chicken

Stinky Tofu     Fragrant Shrimp   Penang Curry Shrimp

Drunken Clams (Basil Clam) Pea Shoot w/Garlic 3-Cup Chicken

Fried Baby Eel   Eel on Sticky Rice



Tony C goes to LA lunch

Pork bone soup w/pickled mustard greens

Stagger goes in for the shot  Dmnkly multitasking  

Stinky Tofu Complimentary salted nuts Smoked soy sauce beef (Lamp Shadow Beef)

Big Steaming bowl of guts w/mustard greens (D4) Salt and Pepper Fried Chicken (D16)

Pork Hock w/five spice Pork Belly (D24)

O Ajien (Oyster omelet) That's not Stinky Tofu.


After KS Seafood we walked across the mall to Happy Chef for a few dim sum snacks and Crispy Milk. Crispy Milk is terrific, dim sum so-so.

   Crispy Milk  Steamed shrimp dumplings

Malaysian Chicken Wings Lotus leaf wrapped rice Custard