Kim's Korean Restaurant
1827 W. Algonquin Rd.
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056

Don, Jenny, Ellen, Sula, Steve Z

(A3) Hae-Mul Pa-Jun (Korean style pancake w/assorted seafood and green onion.)

(A4) Gol-Baeng-I Mu-Chim (Welk a/assorted vegetables marinated in spicy sauce)

(A5) Sliced Pork Belly w/Tofu and Kimchi

(C4) Beo-Seot Jeon-Gal (Spicy soup w/mushroom, beef and hand-cut noodles cooked in a casserole pot)

(B3) Wine Pork Belly (Sliced pork belly marinated in red wine)

(B7) Garlic Curry Pork Belly (Sliced pork belly marinated in garlic and curry sauce)

(L) Garlic Curry Pork Belly (R) Fruit-garlic-onion/Bean powder/Bean paste

Marinated scallion for pork belly  


  (L) Jenny (R) Don aka Kuhdo

Not shown: B3 Wine Pork Belly

A3 Hae-Mul Pa-Ju  A4 -Welk with assorted vegetables marinated in special sauce.

  (B2) Dduk Bo-Ssam -Sliced beef brisket  

(A5) Sliced Pork Belly w/Tofu and Kimchi

D21 Hae-Mul Kimchi Al-Bap - Seasoned assorted vegetables with beef, egg, kimchi, flying fish egg and sauce over steamed rice served in a hot stoneware pot.

      C2 Hae-Mul Kal-Guk-Su Hand-cut noodles with clam, shrimp, mushroom and assorted vegetables cooked in a traditional Korean Casserole pot. (inc sea squirts)

  B8 Hwang-Je-Sal -Meat from Pork Collar Bone

B7 Garlic Curry Pork Belly  A10 Jok-Bal Pork Hock
































Jenny recommendations.
Kum Kang San: Mul-Naeng-Myun (Cold buckwheat noodle soup in beef broth)
Sol Yit Hana (Golf Road)
Bowl House (Japanese)
Cho Sun Oak (Mul-Naeng-Myun)
Asia Noodle House (Indonesian-Roselle/Golf)
JuJu Salang (I love soju) Algonquin Road a few blocks past Kim's. No sign in English
Sakura (Japanese)
Also an unmaned Korean place on North side of Golf just past Golf Mill shopping center.