Lao Sze Chuan
2172 S. Archer
Chicago, IL 60646


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Three Chili Chicken

Chili Smelt (Same prep as 'Gribenis' Chili Chicken')

Garlic Eggplant Pan fried noodle with beef and vegetables

We also had Lamb w/cumin, Beef and maw szechuan style and very good bon bon chicken (appetizer) in black vinegar.

Ma Po Tofu


Szechuan Pickle Szechuan Spicy Rabbit w/bone

Sliced Beef and Maw Szechuan Style "Best Egg Roll" says Steve Dahl (~shrug~)

Chengdu Dumpling  Clams w/basil in wine sauce

Ma Po Tufu w/pork

Tony's Chicken w/3-chile

Gratis spicy cabbage


Jill and Michael Morowitz, Evil Ronnie, Steve Z

Steve Z w/ Beef and maw szechuan style Ma Po Tofu w/ground pork

Szechuan Smoked Tea Duck

Tony's Three Chili Chicken Chili Potato

Gratis spicy cabbage Garlic peapod leaves

Steamed pork Belly w/pickle

Evil Ronnie w/maw Jill, Michael, Evil

Dom's (Dmnkly) mother in-law with young Mr. Armato  From (L) Mother in-law, sister in-law, Dominic

Jazzfood, Steve Z, JSM, Pigmon, Stagger, Borborigmy, Mike G, Peter D, Kristin, Dmnkly, Matteo

  Chengdu Dumpling       Sliced Beef and Maw Szechuan Style Spicy Beef Tendon

Pork Hunk with Sour Pickle   Szechuan Smoke Tea Duck


  Tony's Chicken with three Chili  Chinese Egg-Plant in Garlic Sauce House Special Dry Chili Prawns

Hot dog bun from Saint Anna

Stagger, Kristin, Peter D Borborigmy, Leah Dmnkly, Matteo, JSM

    Pigmon, Jazzfood Steve Z, JSM Borborigmy, Mike G



Evil Ronnie, Ronnie_Suburban, Jazzfood, Elliot Marks, Gypsy Boy, GAF

Marks w/No Tilapia Card Specials, they were out of frog

#1 Baby Octopus w/sour chili pickle (from Chef Recommended New Dishes)

Gratis spicy Cabbage, #A01 Sliced Beef and Maw Szechuan Style #514 Pork in Peking Sauce

#482 Crispy Shrimp w/Mayonnaise Sauce #609 Ma Po Tofu

#806 Chengdu Dumplings #620 Stir Fry Potherb w/ground pork (Yu Choy)

#480 House Special Dry Chili Prawn w/shell #564 Tony's Chicken w/three chili

#631 Stir Fry Sliced Potato w/fresh chili

Bridgestone  2.11.08

Bridgestone Crrush, Bridgestone

Bridgestone Sr., Cathy1, Josephine Mike G


5.5.10 (Top) Tony's Three Chili Chicken (Bottom) Double Fried Sliced Pork with cilantro jiazhou style (dry)