Scallion pancakes, scallion, sesame oil, Szechuan pepper, sea salt. Made out of pizza dough, trick is in the rolling.




MaPo Tofu Fuchsia Dunlop, "Land of Plenty"



Next night, same dough as scallion pancake. Stuffed with scallion, Italian sausage, green pepper, mozzarella cheese. Two sided disks with filling in middle. Shallow fried on med.


3.8.10 Beef, med-firm tofu, leek/scallion, stock, chili oil, brown rice.


- Flowering Chives with Smoky Bacon. Good first attempt, though chives were a little tough and bacon could have been chopped finer. I drained off most of the bacon grease prior to adding chives.

- Scallion pancakes, turned out well, crisp, maybe could have been a little thinner. (Not from Land of Plenty)

- Mapo Tofu w/stock and a few peanuts, beef and leek. Turned out really well.



4.5.10 from Richwell Market 18th and Canal in Chicago

4.11.10 Various markets

  Broadway Supermarket

Tai Nam Viet Hoa Plaza

4.15.10 SZ chili bean sauce was very salty, almost inedible. Not well balanced either, no depth of flavor, simply harsh chili and salt. 

9.11.10 Chicken and rice, Hainanese Chicken, from making stock for Sunday's LTHForum picnic.