Marseilles in May - "BYOS" BBQ Potluck

5.9.09 Jimswside.





Jim and Vangie MsWiv Kenny Z and Baby Z Steve Z G Wiv, Jimswside

Irisarbor  MBH ThaiObsessed, Dickson  Kevin  MikeLM and Mrs LM

  Boureaulicious, Shaylen w/giant lobster Jygach, Jean Blanchard, ThaiObsessed's friend, ThaiObsessed, Dickson


  Lobster just off the WSM Irisarbor, New Orleans BBQ Shrimp

Uncle John's sausage, brought by MBH Dickson with Uncle Johns Sausage

Annie Beck's, Curried beef patties

  G Wiv, buttermilk brined chicken. Direct on WSM