2438 Main St

8.7.07 Evanston Lunch Group
Mhays, SteveZ, Cathy1, nr706, ChgoMike

  Mhays ChgoMike

Steve Z, Cathy2

Chef w/torch Miso Green Apple Salad

  Skate Wing w/mango-cilantro sauce Fish cake w/Thai sweet sauce

O Toro w/watercress and arugula sauce

Spicy Yellow Tail Roll  Tuna Jicama Roll

Sashimi Bento 

Scallop w/green apple syrup, White tuna w/white truffle topped with passion fruit, Salmon w/Alfalfa sprouts, Yellow tail w/scallion, Tuna w/fig

  Mhays Nigiri lunch consisted of 4 large size slices of fish and a torched scallop topped with garlic aoli.

Salmon w/guava juice and green apple.

Tempura Strawberry w/chocolate sauce.