Prince's Fried Chicken
Recipe interpretation by Kristina Meyer


Dry rub/marinade
Kosher salt, black pepper, white pepper, onion and garlic powder, jalapeno, habanero and cayenne.

Buttermilk, hot sauce in equal proportions.

Dredging flour, same spices as above.

Deep Fry, first heat up chilies in oil, remove before frying

Finish with a generous dusting of the same spices as above with the addition of turbinado sugar.

Pickle coin for decoration.
Prince's Fried Chicken order of operations:

1) Apply dry rub to chicken, refrigerate 3-hours to overnight. I went about 4-hours
2) Immerse chicken in buttermilk/hot sauce mix, refrigerate 4-hours to overnight. I went about 4-hours.
3) Season oil with dry whole chili pepper. Start from cold oil, when oil comes to temp remove. The idea is to flavor the oil, without burning the chilies.
4) Season flour generously with spice mix. Next time I will add hot paprika and triple the amount of cayenne.
5) Dredge chicken in flour mixture
6) Deep fry until golden
7) Sprinkle spice mix, with the addition of brown or turbinado sugar. Next time I will triple the amount of habanero powder.
8 ) Spear pickle coin with toothpick for decoration
9) Eat, enjoy, don't touch your eyes.