2407 W. Lunt
Chicago, IL 60645

8.26.10 w/Phil Wingo

Jared, Amanda, Brighton  Jared, Amanda, Brighton, Melissa

St Louis style spare ribs

Meaty Beans

Custard-filled Cornbread Texas Sheet Cake


Phil Wingo


9.2.10 w/Ellen and Kevin Pang

Ellen, Kevin Spicy w/Tabasco chipotle. House BBQ Sauce sweet, smokey, tangy. Citrus chipotle

St Louis Spare ribs, dry rub

Meaty Beans w/house-seasoned sausage

Brisket Pulled Pork The Spiral Staircase of Cheese. Rotini baked w/5 artisan cheeses

Custard-filled Cornbread

  RUB Bar-B-Cookie  


Mikeska Sausage