Ribs Competition Style/Lee Ann Style (Pitmaster's on TLC)

-  Rinse ribs with vinegar, water
-  Trim full rack of spare ribs to Saint Louis
-  Light coat of cheap yellow mustard
-  Rub, my standard Gary Wiviott's Rub, with white sugar added
-  On to Big Green Egg at 240 with lump charcoal and hickory

- 2.5-hours at 240 with lump charcoal and hickory

- Two hours in foil with brown sugar, parkay margarine, Sweet Baby Ray's, honey and cranberry juice

After two hours in foil

Back on the cooker for two hours. I also did a rack of full-on spare ribs with just salt and pepper for comparison.

Butter, I ran out of parkay Little rub with added brown sugar went on top of the butter

  Brush with SBR mixed with oil. Spare Ribs, s/p only