Riccardo Trattoria
2119 N Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois

Ellen, Jan, John, Teresa, Alan, Penny

Porchetta grilled roasted cured pork with herbs fried polenta

Speck prosciutto with aged asiago and montasio cheese, olio e pepe nero

Grilled Cotechino, (Italian boiled sausage) with garlic rapini/polenta

Fava beans and black truffle Tuscan pecorino cheese

Black Mussels Livornese in a white wine and spicy tomato sauce

Not show: Burrata and culatello, creamy mozzarella with prosciutto marinated in white wine

Risotto with prawns and scallops, radicchio, bacon & grape tomatoes

Honeycomb Tripe Florentine, braised with vegetables, tomato and parmesan

Veal Tenderloin Milanese with arugula and grape tomatoes, aged balsamic

Peppered Tuna, served rare with cannellini beans, arugula

Gnocchi Brava with speck prosciutto and Fontina cheese pink tomato sauce

Lobster and Crab Ravioli in saffron cream sauce with scampi meat

Breast of Pheasant baked with prosciutto and Fontina cheese

Tuscan Fries Tartufo Gelato