Roast Pork Sandwich (in the style of Dinic's in Philadelphia)


Braised with Italianesque seasonings, covered for a few hours then open.

Rest, slice

Onion, garlic, hot pepper, broccoli rabe. Sautee

Reheat meat in defatted juice. I added a little water to balance.

  French bread, aged provolone.

Construct sandwich

Spoon hot juice over sandwich.

Slice, eat.

A really terrific sandwich, will repeat soon.


5-lb bone-in pork shoulder, 350 fat down loosely covered for 1-1/2 hour, fat up uncovered for an additional 2-hours. Short rest

Onion, garlic, hot pepper, broccoli rabe. Blanched broccoli rabe in salted water before sauteing, reduced bitterness slightly. More garlic and hot pepper in sautee.

Aged provolone cut in irregular chunks, sharpness of aged worked better, held up better, contributed more flavor. Still balanced.

Fresh Farms hot dog bun