Seoul Corea
1603 E 55th Street
Chicago, Il 60615

Matt/Santander set up dinner as a potential LTHForum GNR, also Nelson, Mike G, and Colleen. Chris came as we finished. We then went to Uncle John's, another GNR nomination.

Gomaae/Bulgogi Kimbap   Yachae Jun   Panchan

Tonkatsu Haemool Kalguksu (Hand-rolled noodle soup with vegetables, meat and egg)

Noodle-Ojinguh Bokgun (Noodles with fried squid and assortment of vegetables and hot sauce)

Yukgae Jang (Soup with shredded beef, egg and vegetables) Mr. Park

Nelson, Matt, Colleen, Chris Mike G Colleen, Matt

  Nelson  Mike G

Rajun Cajun, Indian/Vegetarian/Soul food