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Gary Wiviott

Uncle John's Barbecue
337 E. 69th
Chicago, IL

Founded in 2006 by Mack Sevier

Originally from Arkansas Mr. Sevier came to Chicago in 1962, working as a cutter in a poultry house until opening up his own wholesale meat and poultry business in 1973. Moving to larger quarters at 69th and State Street in 1975, Mr. Sevier operated as Honda Poultry until late 1989.

Mack moved into the BBQ business first as Pitman at Harvey College BBQ (aka Rib House), 71st and King Drive, then at Archie B's BBQ, 78th and Halsted in late 1991. Mr. Sevier, known to all as Mack, made a name for himself both as Pitmaster at Barbara Ann's from 1994 to 2005 and with his justifiably famous coarse-ground Chicago style Hot Links, which contain Mack's own proprietary blend of spices.

Uncle John's Barbecue is known for spicy Hot Links, coarse-ground and addictive, crisp, caramelized deeply porky Rib Tips, luscious spare ribs and his house-made BBQ sauce. Meats are smoked on a Chicago style 'Aquarium' style smoker with Elm, Oak, Mulberry and the occasional split of hickory.

Barbara Ann's BBQ
7617 S Cottage Grove Ave.
Chicago, IL

Founded in 1967 by Delars J. Bracy (1923-1977)

Originally from Mississippi, Mr. Bracy migrated to Chicago after a stint in the Army in approximately 1950. A graduate of John Marshal Law School, Mr. Bracy had a thriving legal practice as well as being a BBQ restaurateur and real estate developer.

Barbara Ann's BBQ is currently owned by Mr. Bracy's daughter Barbara Ann. The Chicago style 'Aquarium' style smoker, the original from 1967, is operated by Carolyn Hinton and Deloris Page. Ms. Hinton and Ms. Page may very well be the only female team of Pitmasters in the greater Chicagoland area.

Barbara Ann's BBQ is known for medium-hot, coarse-ground Chicago style Hot-Links, meaty Spare Ribs and crisp, toothsome Rib Tips. Meats are smoked over a mix of charcoal, Hickory and the occasional Oak log for balance.

Lem's BBQ House
311 E 75th St
Chicago, IL 60619

Founded in 1951 by Myles and Bruce Lemons (Both deceased)

Originally from Mississippi, Myles Lemons migrated to Chicago in 1943, brothers James and Bruce soon thereafter. For many years Myles Lemons worked concurrently at both Mr. Howell, a restaurant located at 48th and Cicero, and Lem's. James, who had worked at Batt's, a "Jewish" restaurant, joined his two brothers in 1967 when they moved the original Lem's to 75th street from 47th street.

Lem's is currently owned by a corporation comprised of the brothers Lemon's descendants. James Lemons is acting Pitmaster Emeritus.

Lem's is a well know fixture in the Park Manor neighborhood, often with a line of customers snaking out the door of the ordering area. Meats cooked direct with a mix of charcoal and wood on a Chicago style 'Aquarium' smoker. Highlights include juicy coarse ground Hot Links meaty
spare ribs and rib tips cooked hot, direct, resulting in a caramelized outer layer yielding to a toothsome, yet rendered of internal fat, interior.


Honey One BBQ
2241 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

Founded in 2003 by Robert Adam's Sr.

Originally from Arkansas Mr. Adams moved to Chicago in 1967. Though working as a truck driver for 20 years, BBQ was in his blood, and he catered many a family party before opening, at the urging of his son Robert Adams Jr., Honey One BBQ.

Originally located on Chicago's West side Honey One moved to Bucktown in 2005, much to the great fortune of the neighborhood. Robert Sr. works his BBQ magic on an 8-foot Chicago style 'Aquarium' smoker using a mix of Red and White Oak with the occasional split of Hickory for balance. Highlights include honey laced BBQ sauce, made in-house by Robert's wife Patricia, vibrantly spiced Hot Links, and smoky full flavored Spare Ribs and Rib Tips, rendered of all internal fat, yet retaining juicy pork flavor and toothsome texture

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