Sticky Rice
4018 N. Western Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618

Erik M. Translated Menu




Steve Z, Peter Daane, Stagger, tatterdemalion (Nab), Ivan

  Peter Daane Nab

Thai Fried Chicken Mussel Fritter Grilled Pork Neck

Northern Thai Sausage Isaan Sausage Burmese pork curry

Nam Prik Ong Somtum with crispy pork (Daily special)

Thai Salty fish fried rice with 6-eggs, one for each Spicy Jungle stir-fry with duck

Shrimp with chile jam Chili and ginger stir fry with crispy pork (Best dish of the day)

6.26.09 w/LTHers


Nam Prik Ong

Isaan Sausage Northern Thai Sausage Thai Fried Chicken

Pork Neck Muscle Fritter Papaya Salad w/blue crab

Green Coconut Curry Shrimp  Shrimp with chile jam Chinese broccoli w/salty fish

   Spicy Jungle Stir-fry with Duck  Pad Prik Catfish  Ginger stir fry with crispy pork

Larb Northern Thai Larb

Okra w/shrimp Sticky Rice w/Durian