Sun Wah
1134 W Argyle St
Chicago, IL 60640


BBQ Group get together 12..21.10

w/Mike G

Shrimp Wonton w/roast duck and egg noodle

Stir fried Chinese broccoli w/oyster sauce

Roast pork

Pork and bean sprout egg noodle.

Steve Z, Pigmon, Sula

Peking style duck   Ong Choi w/garlic (Water Spinach)

   Mixed BBQ   Squid Pan fried noodle, crisp

Lamb Stew  Condiment for lamb stew (fermented tofu, little oil, cilantro)

Wall board by cash register w/picture of Warsaw


Warsaw w/veg

    First of the season pea shoots

Pan fried noodle BBQ Ribs


Ellen, Morowitz, Pigmon, Joe, Octarine

  Dungeness Crab w/ginger and scallion   Clams w/black bean sauce Pan fried noodles

Med mixed BBQ meats  BBQ Chicken (Thigh) Watercress w/garlic

"Dover" Sole w/ginger and scallions Pork belly with taro cake (Off menu special)

Chinese Gribbenes

Michael M

1.7.07 GNR Presentation

Mike Cheng (L) G Wiv (R) [First two GNR pics by Ronnie_Suburban]

Octopus Whiskers Salt and pepper shrimp Fried Chicken skin

Offal Squid Pork with Taro, Lamb Stew Pork with taro

  Lamb Stew Fermented tofu sauce for lamb stew Beef w/pan fried noodle Pork w/bean sprout/pan fried noodle

Chinese BBQ Fish filet w/ginger and scallion

Lucas, Lucantonio Jeff B, Constantin Crazy C, Josephine Lucantonio

Lucas, Julie  JSM, Crazy C


  Chef Laura Cheng

   Salad, pickled diakon, lemongrass vinaigrette 

Beijing Duck 

  Watercress and tofu w/duck soup      Duck fried rice 

Raspberry sorbet

  BBQ pork  Tong Ho (Crown Daisies)

Pumpkin Squash w/pork belly

Louisa, Laura, Liz Steve, Alan Steve w/kosher salami Steve, Chef Laura


Ellen for dinner

House made pickle, lightly sweet.


  Pan fried noodle w/bean sprout and pork

Future home of Sun Wah BBQ (Broadway)

Ellen, Steve Z, Ronnie_S, Lucas, Julie, Lucas's friend Alex




Sidewalk Chicken After Rob Gardners Localvore talk at Kendall

Congee Crown Daises

Wild Caught Soft Shell Pork and Bean Sprouts on Pan fried noodles

Fried Chicken Skin


Peking Duck AIDS Foundation Dinner, Peter Daane

Ruben, Sherie Peter Daane Debora, Ellen

Dave, Heidi Melissa, Sharona Sharona, Ronnie_Suburban

Steve Z Ronnie_S, Lucas_S  Lucas, TJ


LTHForum Baby Pig Roast






Shark and pickled mustard greens. (Caught by Michael Cheng in the Gulf off Galveston, TX.


6.18.08 LTHForum Olympic Duck Lunch


Steve Z, Ellen, Kevin





5.30.09 Pigmon, Trix. After Salvation Army Steak Dinner with a stop at Deville first.

Duck Egg Fu Young

Salt and Pepper squid Mixed BBQ

Fish filet on pan fried noodle

Egg roll

1.29.11 w/Ellen, Angela, Emily

Emily, Angela


Fish filet on chow fun, small bbq pork in background