464 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL 60622


Ellen, Mike and Susan G

Lardo on garlic toast   Mako, lightly salted, grilled, skin was deliciously crisp.

  4-cheese ravioli in corn sauce w/tomato Parmesan shrimp w/vanilla bean nage, red wine syrup and garlic

  Cured meats, Manchego cheese, lightly toasted almonds, olives. Wood grilled romaine with caper berries, white anchovies and olives.

   Pork shank w/butternut gnocchi, bacon and roasted onions.

Sea bass w/mascarpone mashed potatoes. Tortellini w/porcini mushroom, arugula, truffle oil and asparagus

Risotto w/spit roasted chicken, mushrooms, asparagus and porcini sauce

Trio of creme brulee Apple crisp w/hazelnut cinnamon ice cream

Roasted pear crepes w/sabe and vanilla bean ice cream Chocolate Gateau w/sub of vanilla for coffee ice cream.


Gavi  Dolcetto


Ellen, John Bloom





12.5.07 Mike Gebert

John Bubala Mike G, John B

Roasted Cauliflower soup w/guanciale

Salmon with basil risotto Slow roasted chicken ragu, penne

Grilled NY Sirloin, parmesean potatoes, green beans, pesto Pear crepe with saba