Village Hut
130 E Army Trail Rd
Glendale Heights, IL 60139

Engler, Lopata, Meyer, Sula (Ellen was under the weather)


(Not part of our meal)

19-dishes total, all vegetarian, all quite good
Beer went perfect with the meal, though the cumin laced buttermilk served in a plastic pitcher was nice as well.
Potato boats
Rice Cakes
Veg rolls made from chickpea, very eggy, kind of spicy
Corn/spinach (one of my favorites, nice and spicy)
Veg and beans (yam)
Wheat flour balls, layered, rolled, very intricate
Long squash/Patra
Okra w/red and green capsicum
Walnut sweet, saffron/cardamom/chickpea flour
Brown sugar, butter, pickle (ginger, garlic, onion, mango, chili powder)
Parata, both wheat and millet
Something called Rolled Leaf
Overall dinner was terrific, service genial and, mostly, by the owner. Price was $15 for all you care to eat and the tables were comfortable. No problem with us brining booze.
Next to a Benjamin Moore paint store.
Outdoor Road sign says Curry Hut.

Monica Eng has interesting video tutorial on the art of eating Thail at Village Hut.