5135 W 25th Street
Cicero, IL 60804



Ellen (R) Maria Luisa (L)

Chips and salsa (salsa made w/habanero) House made tortillas

Vaporcitos - Tamal Yucateco ( M8, Yucatan tamal wrapped in banana leaf)

Tacos de Cochinita Pibil, carne de puerco w/pickled red onion (M5)

Orden de Panuchos (M7, fried tortilla w/black bean inside, marinated and grilled chicken on top.    

   Papadzules (M11, Fried tortilla w/green seed sauce and tomato. Chopped egg inside)

Pescado Tikin-Xic (P1, Red snapper brushed with achiote sauce, wrapped in banana leaf)

Codzitos (M9, Fried tortilla w/tomato sauce and cheese) Huevos Motulenos (D5, fried eggs w/green peas, ham, tomato and black beans)

Tacos de Camaron

Poc-Chuc (C4, grilled marinated beef w/rice beans grilled veg)

Arooz con leche w/Rompope sauce


Cathy2, C2's mom, Josephine, Steve Z, Chuck, Marla, Matt

Queso Relleno Vaporcitos

Relleno Negro  (Antonio's grandmother's recipe)

Poc-Chuc (pork) Poc-Chuc (beef)

Cochnita Salbutes Cochinita pibil

  Calabaza en dulce (D2, Sweet pumpkin)

Marla, Chuck Chuck w/Antonio Contreras

LTHForum lunch group MHL  Josephine, Matt


Jazzfood, Pigmon, Steve Z, Peter Daane

Relleno Negro   Mole (Chicken) Soup

     Chiles Relleno (Atun/tuna) 

Mucbipollos, one chicken, one pork. (Like a pot pie, special for Day of the Dead)

Cochinita Pibil  Papadzules Calabaza en dulce (served w/warm milk)

Andrew and Jessie Stanley, Merrill Powers

Daily Specials   Pozole Rojo

Chiles en Nogada

Panuchos    Poc-Chuc Vaporcitos

  Andrew and Jessie  Merrill