Birrieria Zaragoza
4852 S Pulaski Rd

6.28 w/Pigmon

Roasted Tomato Salsa

Birria Tatemada, goat roasted in the style of La Barca, Jalisco


Tony, Juan, Jonathan, Andie

9.4.09 Lunch with Alan, Giles, Hammond, Doug, Doug's friend. Phil W stopped in and took birria tacos to go.

Norma Norma, Alan


Bhut Jolokia (grown in the Zaragoza's backyard)  Jonathan with Bhut Jolokia pepper

Doug after eating salsa made with Bhut Jolokia 

Cookies from bakery a few doors North Phil's wife's family bakery

fresh pinto bean

9.24.09 Dinner with Kevin Pang

Bhut Jolokia, Habanero (far right)  

Norma, Jonathan, Kevin

8.13.10 Phil, Matt

Norma w/Low and Slow  

2.5.11 w/Kenny Z

4.21.11 Phil, Doug S, Jesus


Fire roasted salsa w/habanero Jonathan in his element

Maribeth, Jen, Phil Phil From Jen's garden

    Jonathan whipped up limeade from Jen's home grown herbs.

Quesadilla w/fresh grown, Jen's, Swiss chard

Goat Belly.

Poppy seed cake from Pticek Bakery

Possible new space a door south of present

7.9.11 Lunch w/Ellen

Dining under the Dolinsky

Birthday gift from the Zaragoza's

Both dry and fresh arbol pepper caramelized onion and garlic

la pistola



















Weekend only place Grandmother from Zaragoza told Pigmon about. Menudo in the winter only