Chuck's BBQ
5557 W 79th St
Burbank, IL 60459
708-229-8700 Dinner

Double Gloucester with Stilton

Chicken and sausage gumbo

Bruschetta w/house-made pesto, tomatoes and parmesan cheese.

Strawberry salad w/caramelized pecans, red onion and strawberry. Sweet red wine poppy seed vinaigrette.

Cajun Cakes w/crab, shrimp, andouille sausage. Served w/roasted poblano honey cream sauce.

Bowl of Red. Ancho, pasillia and guajullo.

  Garlic Shrimp served w/garlic bread

Mexican Pot Roast. Chipotle, tomatillo and garlic marinade and sauce.

Dry rub Spare w/dried mora chilies, Baby Back's dried chipotle and morita. (I need to double check with Chuck on this)

    Chicken fried Chicken

Chicken fried Steak. 

Smoked Hot Links

Chicken Quesadilla w/yellow mole and Hoja Santo

Banana's Foster Crepes with caramelized pecans and ice cream.

JoJo's Birthday Brownie.

Chuck and Marla

Specials board for 5.13.05


Crawfish Etouffee Barbecued Shrimp


Friedrich Rotisserie Smoker

  Frozen Huitlacoche