Fresh Fava Beans, Soft Crab and Copper River Salmon
Or, how I spent the weekly food budget in just one meal.

Fresh Fava Beans I had forgotten what a pain in the *ss favas are to shuck and peel. 

Fresh early season Sweet Corn.

Pecorino Toscano, Oil cured sheep's milk cheese from Tuscany

First soft shell crabs of the season  Copper River Sockeye Salmon (Dirk's)

May be a pain to prep, but incredibly delicious. (Blanched 2-minutes, shocked in ice water, drain, olive oil, fresh cracked black pepper, sea salt, squeeze of lemon juice)

Copper River was started on stove top then transferred to 400 oven.

  Great meal, thought the wild/brown rice mix I bought from Dirk's was bland and slightly mushy. (I should know better than to buy premixed rice bags)

5.17.11 Fava, pecorino and radicchio from Caputo's, Steak from Joseph's on Addison.