Las Islas Marias
6635 N Clark St
Chicago, Il

Ellen, Gary Cathy, Helen

-Michelada. Beer mixed with ice, lime, salsa huichol, pepper, salt and, maybe, El Yucateco.

-fish ceviche (gratis) served with lime, soda crackers, tostadas.

-Camarones Aguachiles (Raw shrimp in lime juice and green sauce)

-Botana Playa y Mar

-Camarones a la Plancha (Big Shrimp grilled style)

-Vuelve ala Vida (Return to Life) Large cup chock full of avocado, shrimp, octopus, clam meat, scallops, oysters and imitation crab.

-Camarones al Ajo (Shrimp sauteed in garlic)

-Side dish of rice

Ellen about to be attacked by Mr. Shark

LIM Mascot

Ellen, Peter D, Gary

Shrimp Empanada

  Pescado Sarandeado (Grilled Red Snapper)

Camarones a la Plancha (Big Shrimp grilled style)

Las Islas Marias
6550 W Fullerton
Chicago, IL

Ellen, Steve Zaransky, ChowPoodle