Mandarin Kitchen
2143 S Archer
Chicago, IL 60616

LTHForum Dinner, menu by Charlotte
(LTHForum) and Aide (Owner MK)

Cold Plate, Jellyfish/tendon/bean curd noodle/duck/pickled vegetables

George R going in for a little jellyfish Scallion pancake

Soup Dumplings Aide with Crystal Shrimp w/cucumber and Ginkgo nut

Fish filet Shanghai style w/wood ear mushroom  Lion's Head meatball w/baby bok choy

Yan du zian, which Gary Soup ( has called the national soup of Shanghai.

Tofu noodle w/beef and yellow chive Lamb w/cumin

Spicy chicken w/water chestnut and jalapeno

Bean curd sheet w/salted cabbage and edamame

Black mushroom w/baby bok choy  Fish w/seaweed

Sea Cucumber w/shrimp roe and baby bok choy

Eel w/yellow chive and cilantro

El Panzone and TonyC's friend w/eel.

Pork Hock w/ong choy and bok choy

  Deep fried noodle Shanghai style Sticky rice cake

Red bean past dessert, red beans were hand mashed, as opposed to can.

  106 proof drain cleaner El Panzone brought

  Rob's Kup's sport coat

Dunk Donuts brought by Rob