Miscellaneous Pictures

   5.7.11 Smelt at Andy's Produce on Kedzie

  Kaufman's. Tongue, chopped liver, coleslaw on rye with spicy mustard.

Spice House crystallized ginger



Cell phone pic of Chirash Korean style (Hyedupbap) at Midori (10.16.10)

Pillsbury Paratha (8.17.10)

Green City Chef BBQ, Chipotle Barbacoa and Carnitas Tacos (7.15.10)

Black Garlic, tasted at Provenance 6.13.10

Peoria Packing 4.17.10

Pork Wild Wing

Piggery, 5.6.10 (cell phone)

BBQ on Demand, 4.4.10

Found on 3.11.10

KFC 6.4.10 (cell phone)

  Meijer's Niles, Il

Emily Schuler, Shrimp Toast Christmas '09


Illinois Bar Grill (47th)

Beef cutting demo at Kendall by Kari Underly courtesy of Greater Midwest Foodways

Ron Broccoli, 2.24.10



Kevin Boehm w/friend

Intelligentsia 8.3.09


    WSM 18.5

Fresh Farms, Niles 5.25.09 7.26.09

Dolinsky Pig Pinot 2009

Westmont KCBS 5.23.09

      Big Chief, 63 & Pulaski

Mangos, mini melons from Costco 5.23.09

Three Tine Fork


Holzkopf's Meat Market

Egg Fu Young Sandwich w/corned beef

Sardines, Eggs, Grits. (Breakfast in Bulgaria Arkansas)

Traeger Pig Smoker at Crafty Beaver

Redneck Shish Kabob

BBQ Gone Wrong

Bison Burger 9.19.08


Marketplace on Oakton (9.13.08)

Lox, bialy, onion, tomato, cream cheese, pickled jalapeno (NYBB on Touhy)

Mr. Tilapia

Cow in a Blanket

Angela, Emily (800x)

Tilia VacSealer

Fish Keg on-line menu

Coconut Charcoal, Blackbery

Bandaged Cheddar from Blue Mont Dairy

6.7.08 7.28.08

WSM, Weber Kettle

NB Bandera 4.26.08

Florita's pernil Escabeche de Guineos (green banana salad) 6.14.08


Bunny Hutch 3.31.08

Reuben 3.18.08

Olympic Meat Packers

Rosebud Steak House (Walton) Burger

Burger ham at Josephine's

Black and White Cookie at Shan

Ron Kaplan, aka The Food Geek

Mouse on a Stick (Alan Lake)

Rose Salt from Bolivia

Automatic Dish Soap Dispenser

Ellen test-driving Christmas 07 centerpieces

Merrill and Nancy Powers at Lambs Farm KCBS BBQ Contest 10.20.07

Mettwurst from Krakus (4772 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago)

Mike Sula's Lunch 4.14.05


Kow Kow Pressed Duck, Egg Roll and Moo-Shu toped with Gary's Chili Oil.

Seth Zurer and Chloe Johnston in The Mayor's Mouth

Jelabi from Ambala. Freshly made by Sadia (4.20.05)

La Bouchon's (Chicago) Salade Lyonnaise (greens w/lardons, croutons & poached egg)

Smoked ribs and made slaw for Jan and John. 4.27.05

Jen and Zach's dinner at Avenues for Jen's LTHForum  post

Zach Dier (LTHer by marriage), Chef Bowles & Jen Hagan-Dier ("Chef Groupie Extradordinare")

The Whole Damn Bunch giddy with food & wine

Osteria Via Stato

Salvation Army Luau 6//11/03   Spanish Ham from Black Foot Pig

Berghoff (Chicago)

Fermented Black Beans (Chinese)

Pulled Pork (Gary)

Green City Market (Chicago)

Chipmunk (8.10.05)

  Fish Sausage, silkworm chrysalid, mushy peas and two kinds of lunchmeat.

Beef Tenderloin

Timmerman's Supper Club. East Dubuque, IL

Biscuits and Gravy, Nick S Style

Pizza Hut, Milwaukee Sentry grocery, Milwaukee 9.14.05

Polish Sausage and Soda at Costco for $1.50

Pandl's in Bayside, WI. Prime Rib

Josie Hammond w/"shrimp cocktails" for dessert

BBQ Sauce Miracle

Block Spal

Wheat Shooker at Skylark Bar (22nd and Halsted, Chicago)


1958 Belgian Dinner at Mike and Susan G's


What's Cooking

1.31.06 Newsom Country Ham

El Yucateco Jalapeno

Spacca Napoli Pizzeria Menu

Chile Heads Card

Cosmic Cafe

Peking House Egg Roll 

Lemon Sole with verjus, polenta topped with Humbolt Fog and braised radish.

Chorizo taco at Taqueria El Gallo (Montrose)

Fresh fava beans, Barese and Sicilian sausage along with fennel/mushroom salad and fresh mozzarella.

Mortar Pestle from Don Outlet Sale

XSport Fitness (5.31.06)

LTHForum Bowling Shirt

Matchbox (6.11.06)

1st LTHForum Logo

Guess the dinner (Annie/Gary)

7.30.06 Udon/Hot Dog/BBQ Sauce

8.21.06 for Caprese

Sonny's Pizza Western Ave

 Tommy's Grill

456 N Damen Ave 
Chicago, IL

S.F.M. 9.3.06

Frugal Ketchup (9.5.06)

Caprese Index 9.19.06

Caprese Index 7.14.07

Mouse Cup



1.21.07 Sleepy or Stupid

  Tony's on Elston (2.4.07)

Kaufman's (3.17.06)


Easter '07

3400 block of Bryn Mawr, Chicago

Khaman from Kamdar Plaza (Devon, Chicago) 

Twisted Spoke 4.15.07 Nicki

Gorilla Hug

Chub from Fox and Obel 

Jasper Hill Farm Winnimere

  Loebl Bridgestone

Computer Grill

The Smoke Ring

Purchased from Uncle John's (APFS '07) APFS '07

Bari Extra Hot Giardiniera


Penguin Problems (9.5.07)

eGullet cake