4441 W Irving Park Rd
Chicago, IL 60641

Jan, John, Rita, Ellen, Gary.

Baked Clam's   Bresaola w/parmesan and arugala

Prosciutto w/olives and parmesan

   Stracciatella, spinach and egg soup. I added the crushed red pepper

Pizza Bread House salad with Blue Cheese and French

Chicken Vesuivo Lake Superior Whitefish


   Wednesday Lobster Special Rich's special. Beef filet with mushrooms, fried shrimp and veal.


  Ellen seems to be enjoying the strolling musicians, who are surprisingly good.

Baked Alaska

One of Sabitino's 'intimate'  dining booths. Really very cozy


Squash Blossom Bresaola

Harry Caray (not really)