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New Years Eve

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TTOWA Dumpling House  Tequila Tasting  Dempster Fish

Wallace's Catfish Corner   Sobelman's     Masouleh

Duck Eggs   McGill's   Take Me Out   CoCo's Deep Fried Lobster

Kohan    Skewers Grill   Renga Tei   Harrison's Poultry  

Sarkis  Mercat a la Planxa  P&S Restaurant  Otom

Assi Plaza    Ruby of Siam     KimChi Fried Rice  Sullivan's Steak House, Naperville

El Duranguito Taqueria   Dave's Italian Kitchen   Smoking M's

Ja's Jerk Chicken   Chun Ju     Huaraches Dona Chio

Graham Elliot   Dawali    Santorini     Annie's Pancake House

LTHForum 1000 Recipe Party    El Gallo Tono  Mizrahi Grill

Lunch at your desk   El Pollo Regio  Miesfeld's  White Sox

Argyle Fire (8.5.08)    Molly's Cupcakes  Fulton's Chicken

Good Morgan   Devon Bar-B-Q Grill   Charcoal Oven

Ribs N' Bibs   El Paisita  Marion Street Cheese Market

UrbanBelly  Kalbi on Weber Grill   Popsicles  Captain Porky's

Madison, WI   Fina Estampa   Tub Tim Thai    Aroy Thai

D'Candela   Duchamp    C.N.D. Gyros   Mekato's

Lalibela Ethiopian  Beef and Burger  Potato Kugel

Ron's Cajun Connection  Rip's Tavern  Mixteco     Johnnie's Italian Beef

A Tavola   Athenian Room  D's Irie Kitchen  Eastern Style Pizza

KW Spice is Nice Bar-B-Que  IHop   Custom House

Cafecito   Zazu  Bread n Bowl  Mado   Taboun Grill

Chris Cognac  Great Beijing   Cafe Orchid  Taami Kosher

P & P BBQ Soul    Bridgeport Bakery     Ben Tre Cafe

Ed and Erv's   Romanian Kosher Sausage  Pita Kabab

Bob-O's     Nick's Drive In  Korean Tacos  Stevens Point/Simkowski

Pasta Recipes (Simple)   Frida's Mexican   Philadelphia

Pastrami Smoked  Deta's Cafe  Two Way Grill   Thong Thai

Cornerstone Cafe  Doggy's S.S. Soul Eatery   Mee Dee Cafe

Tabaq   Pollo Volador  Cafe con Leche    B & C

Marseilles in May      Big Ed's BBQ  Cochon 555    Uncle Mike's Place

Al's Meat Market  Poached Eggs   Angin Mamiri      New Seoul BBQ

Birrieria Zaragoza   Brown Trout  Avli   Asado Coffee

Smokey's BBQ    Bacon, Lettuce and Plum   Village Inn

Flub A Dub Chubs   Las Asadas   Ipsento Coffee    Taste of Morton Grove

Garage Tacos  Cho Jung  Cafe Blu  Fresh Farms, Niles

Pticek's  Chicken Works   Toon's   Brand BBQ   Psistaria

George's Kabab Grill  Baladna   Taqueria Don Diablo   The Portage

Jibek Jolu  Edzo's    Redhot Ranch    Old Town Social

Well's Brothers Pizza  Kewpee Sandwich Shop    Xoco

Mapo Tofu   Dry Fried Chicken    Kung Pao Chicken w/peanuts

Rabbit w/peanuts in Hot Bean Sauce  Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs

General Tso Chicken   Corned Beef Simmered    La Farine Bakery

Big and Little's   Franks 'N Dawgs    Tao Ran Ju    Dolce    El Llano

Westmont Red White and Blue BBQ Contest  Smokey Bears BBQ

bobNgrill    Taco Chino    Nicole's Divine Crackers  Va Pensiero

Lillie's Q      Bert H Pig Roast    House of Cakes    Wixon

Sanabel Bakery  Taza Bakery  Eastern Breadstone Bakery 

RUB BBQ  Sweet Station  Hob Nob  The Pit BBQ  The Southern

Chicago Q  Chicago Gourmet   Swedish American Museum

Alcatraz  Frank's Diner    Mom's Old Recipe Mexican     Jack Gibbons

Villa Nova Pizzaria   MingHin  Joseph Finest Meats  Go 4 Food

Ina's   Butcher Larder   Big Daddy's BBQ  Chickie's Diner

Real Urban Barbecue     Ex-Cel Corned Beef      Taqueria LP Express

Azur Meat Market     Ch'ava Cafe   Mr. D's Shish Kabob    Mom's BBQ

Bab Al Salam       Austin BBQ, Wheaton IL   Pollo Express    The Coffee Pot

North Star   Noodle Rice Roll     Sheesh Mahal Dhaba  Taqueria Los Magueyes

Delicias Mexicanas     Troha's    Smoke Signals    La Chaparrita Taqueria

Al Bawadi   Cremeria Santa Maria   Grand Palace  Jimmy's Pizza Cafe

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